Why Join TechSnips?

When is the last time you were able to walk into an interview for a six-figure job where the hiring manager and team already knew who you were, loved your work and the interview was just a formality? It happened to me. Honestly. And I want the same to happen to you.

I did it by investing time in sharing knowledge with the world from the work I was doing at my full-time job. I thought, at the time, everyone knew what I already knew and there’d be nothing I could share but once I got over my imposter syndrome, my career changed drastically for the better!

I now have nearly 6,000 Twitter followers, a blog that gets nearly 50,000 unique visitors/month and the ability for me to quit that six-figure job and found this very startup!

It all started with a decision to share my knowledge by learning how to write better, present short videos and eventually write entire books and create training courses for top training companies like Pluralsight! I had to do this many different ways but with TechSnips, you can present short how-to videos, be coached by presentation experts and get professional editing services.

I tell you this story because TechSnips can be that platform for you. It comes from a founder that’s been there, done that and has learned a ton along the way.

You don’t have to spend dozens of hours/week on this venture either! TechSnips allows you to take it as slow or as fast as you’d like with a whole lot of career advancement, money and rockstardom potential! You’re free to come and go as you please, contributing whenever you want but, at the same time, having the ability to go all in and generating some serious cash via upfront and passive income.

Some contributors are generating $1,000+/month!

If you’re not in it for the money, there are so many other upsides including:

What do our Contributors say?

I had known for quite a while that I wanted to give back to the IT community by creating content, but I was struggling to find an effective way of doing so. TechSnips provided me with the platform, the skills, and most importantly, the confidence to be successful in sharing my knowledge. I can think of no better place to be right now to improve my career and the careers of other IT professionals. It truly is win-win!
David Lamb Headshot

David Lamb

Since joining TechSnips, I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons and techniques that have helped me deliver better presentations and train, educate and help not just coworkers, but others new to IT and systems administration. I’s definitely a great resource and I do not hesitate to fully endorse it.
Bill Kindle Headshot

Bill Kindle

I originally joined Techsnips as a side job looking to make a few bucks. However, since joining and producing a few snips and writing blog posts, I have learned to present technical material in a more professional manner to educate and train not only my friends, but others who are looking for help. I have also learned a few new skills from watching the snips. Techsnips is now my goto resource.
Jeff Christman Headshot

Jeff Christman

How Do I Get Started?

I hope I’ve inspired or at least encouraged you to get outside your comfort zone a little and talk to us about joining. We’d love to have you! Fill out the form below and our VP of Content (and fellow contributor), Anthony Howell, will be in touch.

Want to know even more? Check out our public documentation to learn even more about soon to be contributors.

Adam Bertram TechSnips Founder, Microsoft MVP, Author, Blogger and Freelance Writer