How To Add A Custom Domain To Office 365 Using PowerShell

Adding a custom (or vanity) domain in Office 365 is the first step in customizing your new environment.You can validate your custom domain via the Office 365 Admin Center, but this it’s also possible to do most of the steps by using PowerShell. In this video, Veronique will show how to get your tenant ID (required for domain validation), and we will use PowerShell to create the new domain in Office 365 by using the New-MsolDomain cmdlet.Then we’ll run the Get-MsolDomainVerificationDns in order to get the TXT information from Microsoft that need to go to your registrar.Finally, we’ll confirm the domain in Office 365 using the Confirm-MsolDomain cmdlet. Prerequisites include: - Tenant Id - The FQDN must be registered with an Internet domain name service (DNS) registrar -Need to know how to add a TXT record to the registered DNS zone for your DNS registrar - Global Admin or Full administration (if partner) - The MSOnline PowerShell module (Install-Module MSOnline)