How To Add A Custom Domain To Office 365

Office 365 is a pretty sweet suite of productivity tools, but taking it to the next level and using Microsoft to host your Skype for Business or Exchange server requires a basic knowledge of DNS, or at least a confidence in trying out something new. The good news is that Paul can show you the way!In this video, Paul shows us how we can add a custom domain using the Microsoft 365 admin center including going over all of those gnarly DNS records you have to set up without boring you with any of the delicate intricacies of TTLs or SRV records.

first thing you'll need to do is log into your Office 365 Admin Portal. Upon successfully logging in select setup, then domains. Click on add domain to bring up the add a domain dialogue. Here Enter your domain you wish to add to your Office 365 tenant in the provided text box and click next to add the domain. In the verify domain screen select add a TXT record instead and click next. Copy the value for TXT value to your clipboard. You can do this by clicking on the icon to the left of MS equals. Next go to your registrar and open your DNS management page. You will need to add a TXT record to your DNS to validate you own the domain. Click on TXT enter in the @ symbol for your hosts and paste in the value you copied to your clipboard under TXT value. You next need to check your TTL and make sure that this is set to one hour or less. After you have successfully applied all these settings click save go back to your Office 365 admin portal and click verify to validate your settings are correct. After your settings have been validated you'll be brought to the update DNS settings dialog. Select I’ll add the DNS records myself and click next. Under choose your online services, selective services you will be using and click next. On the update DNS settings page, this will have all this settings that need to be added to your registrar, select export options, download CSV file, and save the file then open it. This CSV file will contain all the settings with appropriate headers. Go back to your registrar and Add all these settings in. For sake of time, I've gone ahead and typed all of these values into the DNS. This is what your DNS settings will look like after you successfully added all of your values go back to your Office 365 tenant. Scroll down and click on verify. After all, of your settings have been validated. You'll receive a message saying congratulations click finish to complete the setup of your domain on your tenant.