How To Apply A DSC Configuration To An Azure VM Using The Azure DSC Extension For Windows

Desired state configuration is a very popular and powerful automation and compliance tool, which is part of Powershell. It can be used in Azure in conjunction with the Azure Automation DSC service, it can also be used standalone, in this video Nick will show you to create a simple DSC configuration and use that configuration independent of the automation service to deploy the web server role on an Azure VM, using the DSC extension. Nick will show you how to create a small DSC configuration, then using Publish-AzureRmVMDscConfiguration will package the configuration and deliver it into the storage on your Azure VM. After that Nick will use Set-AzureRmVMDscExtension which will inject the settings you have specified. This can then be checked by using Get-AzureRmVMDscExtensionStatus to ensure that the settings have been applied.

Prerequisites include: Azure Account AzureRM Powershell Module Firewall rule to allow Port 80 on Windows VM Public IP of VM