How To Assign Licenses For Office 365 Using The Group-Based Feature In Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Group-Based licensing is feature in Azure Active Directory, which only requires a paid or trial subscription for Azure AD Basic, or a paid or trial Office 365 Enterprise E3. It’s a great feature to reduce admin overhead, and also simplify the licensing management for your Office 365.

If a user joins the group, then licenses will automatically be assigned. If the user is removed, the licenses are also removed.

In this video, Veronique will show how to configure and apply group-based licensing in Azure AD, as well as some gotchas and other things to be aware of, when choosing this method over licensing users directly.

Prerequisites include: - Paid or trial subscription for Azure AD Basic - Paid or trial edition of Office 365 Enterprise E3 or Office 365 A3 and above - Enough licenses to assign to users - Azure admin account or Global admin

What is group-based licensing in Azure Active Directory:

Scenarios, limitations, and known issues using groups to manage licensing in Azure Active Directory: