How To Configure A DSC Node To Report To A Report Server

When a node is configured to to pull configurations from a DSC pull server, it can also be configured to send reports about its configuration status to a report server where they can be retrieved at a later time.

In this Snip, Matt will demonstrate how to set up a node to use a DSC report server when configuring the Local Configuration Manager to use a Pull Server. In addition to the ConfiguratonRepositoryWeb block in the node’s LCM configuration, we are going to use the ReportServerWeb block to configure a web server to which the node will send its reports. We will then run the configuration to create a meta configuration. Then we will use Set-DscLocalConfigurationManager to apply the LCM configuration to a node. Finally, we will use Get-DscLocalConfigurationManager to confirm that the ReportManagers property has been correctly set to point to the DSC Report Server.

Prerequisites include: PowerShell 5.0 or higher DSC Pull Server DSC configuration