How To Configure A DSC Pull Server To Use A SQL Database Backend In Windows Server 2019

The DSC Report Server which was introduced in PowerShell 5.0 used an ESENT database for its backend. In Windows Server 2019 and Server 1803, we now have the ability to specify a SQL server instead, making way for easier reporting of DSC data.

In this video, we will create a Pull Server configuration using the new features available in the xPSDesiredStateConfiguration allowing us to specify a SQL server backend using the new SqlProvider and SqlConnectionString properties. Once the pull server has been configured we will verify that the pull server website and application pool have both been created successfully. Then we will make sure that the application pool’s identity has the proper access to our SQL server. Finally, we will query the pull server web service to create a new DSC database which will store our DSC node registration and status data.

Prerequisites include: PowerShell 5.0 or higher xPSDesiredStateConfiguration module version or higher A SQL Server Instance