How To Configure IIS For Remote Administration Using PowerShell

Although you can remotely manage IIS through PowerShell, you may prefer to use the IIS Management Console for most of your administration. When managing IIS on a Server Core installation, this can be especially useful since the IIS Management Console is not available in Server Core.

Remote management of IIS 7.0 and later needs to be explicitly enabled as opposed to earlier versions where it was enabled by default. In this video, Matt is going to show you how to enable the Windows Web Management feature using Add-WindowsFeature. Then we will edit the EnableRemoteManagement registry value to allow remote connections to IIS. Next, we’ll verify that a firewall rule has been created to allow connections to IIS Manager over port 8172. Finally, we will use Start-Service and Set-Service to start the WMSVC service and set it to start up automatically. Once these steps are complete, we will be able to create a new connection to a remote server to manage IIS.

Prerequisites include: IIS 7.0 or later