How To Convert A PEM Formatted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate To PKCS12 Using OpenSSL

After creating a Certificate Signing request, a Certificate Authority will often provide you with a PEM file. For an application such as IIS or Tomcat, you will need to convert to another format such as PKCS12, which is used interchangeably with PFX.

In this snip, we will chain together a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) public certificate provided by a certificate signing authority such as GlobalSign or VeriSign, with the Certificate Authorities intermediate certificate and combine our private key to create a PKCS12 formatted certificate.

Will will use the OpenSSL x509 commands to validate our public certificates and the OpenSSL pkcs12 export command to create and password protect our PKCS12 formatted certificate.

Prerequisites include: OpenSSL should be installed and configured for use in PowerShell A Certificate Signing Requet should have been created Access to the private key