How To Create An Azure File Share Using PowerShell

You are asked to build a file server, it will be used to store users files, you’ve got a cost, it’s looking expensive. One of your alternatives is using Azure, did you know that you can provision file shares in minutes and securely access them using SMB v3.0 ? There are lots of ways to create Azure File Shares. In this snip, Nick will cover them all! He will show us how to create a File Share using PowerShell, where we need to extract your storage access keys first to enable Powershell to create a file share and then use New-AzureStorageShare cmdlet and the New-AzureStorageContext to complete the task. Nick will connect to the share using an encrypted unc over SMB v3.0 from within your Powershell session, then use Remove-PSDrive to disconnect it.

Prerequisites include: Azure Subscription Azure Storage Account Azure CLI 2.0 Azure Powershell Module