How To Create and Assign Messaging Policies in the new Microsoft Teams Admin Center using PowerShell

As you may know, Microsoft is rolling out some changes in Office 365 with regards to Skype for Business Online and Teams. If you have the new Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center, you can control Meeting or Messaging policies.

In this video, Veronique will show how you can create and also assign Messaging policies by using PowerShell. We’ll use the Get-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy in order to retrieve the current policies in the environment, then we will use the New-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy to create a brand new one.

Finally, we will assign the newly created messagng policy to multiple users at once with the Grant-CsTeamsMessagingPolicy PowerShell cmdlet.

Prerequisites include: -Permissions to run PowerShell scripts -Global Admin or Teams Administrator