How To Create And Deploy An AWS Elastic Beanstalk Web App Package With PowerShell

Elastic Beanstalk or EBS in AWS is a service that allows users to create cloud web apps without worry about the underlying infrastructure. Using PowerShell, we can completely automate the entire process of not only creating the EBS application we can also use PowerShell to create the environment it exists on and even use PowerShell to create and upload it to S3 while versioning it. In this video, we’ll use the AWSPowerShell module and create an EBS application with New-EBApplication, create a new version of that application with New-EBApplicationVersion, create an environment for the application with New-EBEnvironment and finally deploy the latest version of the application with Update-EBEnvironment. Prerequisites include: - An AWS account - Assumed root user or IAM user with rights to create EBS applications - Already authenticated to AWS