How To Create SkedPal Tasks When You Join A Trello Card Using Zapier

Have a lot of tasks to keep track of? SkedPal can help you priorities and manage your schedule, but how to you go about getting your tasks in there? If your team uses Trello to manage work flows, and you “own” a task but joining it, you can feed these cards through to SkedPal as a task AUTOMATICALLY!

It’s important this happens automatically, so you don’t forget to create your tasks. You also don’t want to turn task creation into a time consuming task in and of itself!

In this snip, Josh will show you how he connected Trello to SkedPal, using Zapier, to make his video production workflow more efficient.

Prerequisites include: A Trello Account, and Board A Zapier Account A SkedPal Account, preferably with a project and time map already set