How To Deploy A MSSQL Database Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) RDS And PowerShell

AWS’s Relational Database Service (RDS) gives us the ability to deploy many different types of databases. One of the most popular is MS-SQL. RDS allows us to deploy SQL Server Express, Standard, Enterprise and web editions and we can deploy them all with PowerShell! In this video, we’re going to use the AWSPowerShell module to deploy a SQL Server database with RDS using PowerShell. We’ll do this by first finding the correct engine to use by calling the Get-RDSDBEngineVersion command, the version and then finally we’ll call the New-RdsDbInstance command that actually deploys the instance for us. It’s going to take a while so you’ll even learn a neat way using a PowerShell while loop to wait on the deployment by calling Get-RDSDBInstance automatically until the instance is available.