How To Deploy A Server With Amazon LightSail Using PowerShell

Sometimes you just need a server to test something out on. It doesn’t have to be the most organized, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be on and running. With AWS LightSail, you can quickly spin up instances on the fly in order to get something in your hands more quickly than you could with a traditional EC2 instance inside of a VPC somewhere with the appropriate Route53 networking in place… you catch my drift.

In this Snip, Nick will break down how to use the “New-LSInstance” cmdlet in the AWS PowerShell module. You’ll learn the AWS specific terminology you need and how to generate the appropriate input for your cmdlet in order to accurately spin up the kind of instance you desire.

Prerequisites: AWS PowerShell Installed AWS Account with access to AWS LightSail

Prerequisites include: AWS Account AWS IAM User account AWS Powershell Module This demo can be done in the Free Tier, using the specific Bundle in the demo will give you a free 1 month trial