How To Efficiently Present Scripts During A Screencast Recording (TechSnips Behind The Scenes)

Sometimes it’s the little things that may give you pause before just hitting record on a new screencast. Not sure how to start? Try a little story. Not sure how to end? Stop waffling, summarize what you covered, and thank the viewer.

Not sure how to present your code without blasting the viewer with all of it at once? Maybe you’ve tried an editor on another monitor that you can copy/paste from. Maybe you try typing it on camera (no one types well on camera)

In this rough cut snip, Josh gives you a behind the scenes look at how he goes about presenting scripts in his screencasts.

Prerequisites include: A script to present A desire to record a screencastThis snip is a Rough Cut. Rough cuts are raw, unedited videos that are provided as-is from the contributor. They do not reflect the majority of videos on Even though the quality may be rough, the content is still valuable and thus provided to you, our viewer.