How To Find All Groups An Active Directory Object Is A Part Of Using PowerShell

Group memberships are what drive permissions and policies within Active Directory. Being in one group can stop a user from accessing their department’s documents or grant a temporary user access to a C-level resource. Because of this, it is of paramount importance to know what groups your users, computers, and even other groups are in.

PowerShell is the perfect tool for finding all groups that an object is a member of because groups can be nested in other groups. In fact, group nesting can be so bad that it isn’t even feasible to find all memberships through the GUI!

In this snip, Anthony will walk you through finding all group memberships of users, computers, and groups using the PowerShell Active Directory module’s cmdlets: Get-ADUser, Get-ADComputer, and Get-ADGroup. This includes recursively finding nested group memberships as well.

Prerequisites include: Active Directory PowerShell Module