How To Import A PowerShell Module To Azure Automation Directly From The PowerShell Gallery

In this Snip, we will see how easy it is to add your own custom PowerShell modules to your Azure Automation account, or how to discover and import modules that are available in the PowerShell Gallery. These modules can then be leveraged as Shared Resources in your Azure Automation Runbooks or Desired State Configurations. This snip will show you how to import PowerShell Modules via the Azure Portal, PowerShell Gallery and PowerShell itself. This means Azure Automation can utilize your own custom PowerShell Modules or you can have access to the thousands of community generated modules hosted on the PowerShell Gallery Online. In PowerShell, we will use the cmdlet Import-AZAutomationModule but you can also use Import-AzureRMAutomationModule.

Prerequisites include: Azure Account Azure Automation Account The AzureRm PowerShell module