How To Install Gitlab On CentOS 7

Used by over 100,000 + organizations worldwide, GitLab provides the ability for a company to host its own private Git repository in-house for free. In this rough cut, Bill runs through a quick install for GitLab on a minimal CentOS 7 host for testing purposes. Prerequisites include: CentOS 7 minimal install with SSHD enabled. Have Root or Administrator access Your hypervisor of choice (I used Hyper-V) Internet Connection (for installing GitLab installation files repository) Minimum system requirements for VM = 4GB RAM / 2vCPUThis video is a Rough Cut. Rough cuts are raw, unedited videos that are provided as-is from the contributor. They do not reflect the majority of videos on Even though the quality may be rough, the content is still valuable and thus provided to you, our viewer.