How To Manage Active Directory Organizational Units With PowerShell

Think of Organizational Units (OUs) as the directory structure of your file server. OUs are used to organize the objects in your Active Directory Domain and numerous tools use them to limit the scope under which they operate, such as only synchronizing users in specific OUs to Office 365 using Azure Active Directory Connect. It’s possible that your OUs mimic your organisation’s reporting structure or separate people by business process. Regardless, PowerShell can help you create, remove, and change Organization Units as you require, especially when changes are needed in bulk. In this video, Josh will walk you through managing Organizational Units using the PowerShell Active Directory module’s cmdlets: Get-ADOrganizationalUnit, Set-ADOrganizationalUnit, New-ADOrganizationalUnit, and Remove-ADOrganizationalUnit
Prerequisites include: The Active Directory PowerShell Module, from the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT)