How To Manage Active Directory Trusts With PowerShell

Establishing and maintaining Active Directory trusts is a task that’s not too common. Unless you’re in a large enterprise, chances are, you’re going to need to create one when your company acquires a new company or perhaps you decide to segment out your Active Directory forest. Regardless, it’s possible to do with this PowerShell thus decreasing fat-finger syndrome and enabling automation. In this video, Adam goes through the entire life cycle of creating Active Directory forest trusts with PowerShell. He’ll show you how to create forest trusts with PowerShell, remove them, test forest trusts with PowerShell to ensure they’re working and finally end with a set of simple-to-use functions to ease this process in the future. Prerequisites include: - (2) domain controllers running Windows Server 2016 VMs on the same network under separate forests - PowerShell Remoting enabled and available on both domain controllers - (2) Enterprise Admin accounts in both forests