How To Manage Azure Storage Accounts With PowerShell

The Azure PowerShell Module can be used to create and Manage Azure resources from a PowerShell command line or in PowerShell scripts. In this Snip, Matt will demonstrate the control plane cmdlets which are used to manage the manage Azure Storage Accounts to create storage accounts, set properties, delete storage accounts, rotate the access keys, and more by going through the following operations:

List storage accounts with Get-AzureRMStorageAccount Get a reference to an existing storage account with Get-AzureRMStorageAccount Create a storage account with New-AzureRmResourceGroup Set storage account properties with Set-AzureRmStorageAccount Retrieve and regenerate the access keys with Get-AzureRmStorageAccountKey and New-AzureRmStorageAccountKey Delete a storage account with Remove-AzureRmStorageAccount

Prerequisites include: An Azure Account AzureRM PowerShell module version 4.4 or later

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