How To Migrate From The AzureRM PowerShell Module To The Azure Az Module

With the recent release of the Azure Az PowerShell module, which replaces the older AzureRm module, you might be wondering what it takes to migrate to the new module. Thankfully, this is a relatively easy task but does have a number of steps that you will need to perform, and in the correct order.

In this video, David will walk you through migrating from the AzureRm module to the Az module. He will cover all of the required steps, such as verifying the current version, removing AzureRm, installing the Az module, and how to set up the AzureRm aliases so you can use your existing scripts while you transition to the Az Module.

Prerequisites include: AzureRm PowerShell module installed Windows PowerShell 5.1 or PowerShell Core 6.0 or higher Microsoft Azure Subscription