How To Pick A Strategy For Organizing Your GitHub Branches

There are more questions than answers around how you should organize your GitHub branches and contributors to an open source project. The two major players, feature branching and “roll-up” branching each have their own pros and cons. In this Rough Cut Snip, Bryce walks through a bunch of different scenarios on why you should choose one over the other, and what specific use cases each branching method has. Unfortunately, Veronique (his student’s) audio didn’t come through. They talk through the benefits and disadvantages of using each method, and how that might impact open source development, personal organization, and whether the method is useful for larger or smaller teams.This video is a Rough Cut. Rough cuts are raw, unedited videos that are provided as-is from the contributor. They do not reflect the majority of videos on Even though the quality may be rough, the content is still valuable and thus provided to you, our viewer.