How To Retrieve Drive Mappings From An Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) Using PowerShell

You are organized, which is why you are entrusted with managing Group Policy. All of your drive mappings are nicely organized in one ‘Drive Maps’ GPO. When you need to find what group gets what drive, you just need to pull up Group Policy Management, bring up the settings HTML report, and click through each drive mapping listing. Depending on how many mappings you have to click through to find the one you are looking for, you also need to schedule an appointment with your carpal tunnel specialist.

Do you know what their advice to you is? Learn PowerShell!

Using PowerShell, you can report on all of the drive map settings that you see through the GUI. Once you’ve written your script, all you need to do is to write one short line in your PowerShell prompt to pull that information and just let PowerShell do all the lifting.

Prerequisites include: Group Policy PowerShell module Group Policy Object with drive maps