How To Retrieve Firewall Rules And Ports With PowerShell

There will be times where you need to take a look at the various Windows firewall rules. Perhaps you are troubleshooting a problem, want to verify that the settings are in place, or are simply curious to see just what rules are currently enabled. This can become a daunting task and is not always easy to accomplish through the graphical tools (assuming you can find them). Thankfully, with just a couple of PowerShell cmdlets, you can easily look up and customize the output of the information you are looking for.

In this video, David will walk you through the use of Get-NetFirewallRule and show you some of the ways you can customize the output to find the Windows firewall information you are looking for, and then export that information to a CSV file.

Prerequisites include: Windows Server 2016 or above, or Windows 10 Windows PowerShell 5.1