How To Scan For Windows Updates On Your Amazon EC2 Instances With AWS Systems Manager

Amazon Web service (AWS) System manager contains a service called Patch Manager, this service provides the functionality to automate the patching process for your EC2 instances. This service is available at no extra charge beyond the standard usage charge for your EC2 instances. In this video Nick will show you how to create a baseline, auto approve patches by using rules that can specify categories like operating system, version etc. , use patch groups to target different environments and also look at patching instances using patch groups. We’ll also look at creating a schedule to run these patching tasks on, for example patching during a maintenance window.

Prerequisites include: AWS Account This can be done within the free tier IAM role for the EC2 Instance with AmazonEC2RoleforSSM and Pass-Role IAM role named MaintenanceWindowRole with AmazonSSMMaintenanceWindowRole