How To Seamlessly Update An Application On AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk (EBS) is amazing. Without needing to know the nitty gritty of every individual AWS service, like EC2, Auto Scaling Groups, and Load Balancers, you can use it to get your application online in no line.

But once you are online, wouldn’t it be great if EBS could also assist you in rolling out new versions of your application? Ideally, this should include no downtime for your users, right? Luckily, with EBS you can do just that!

In this snip, Josh will show you how you can leverage EBS to seamlessly update your applications. We’ll look at transitioning your DNS name between environment if needed, and also how capitalize on having multiple instances of an application in an auto scaling group to do a rolling update within a single environment.

Prerequisites include: An AWS account Already authenticated to AWS A zipped application, if not using a sample An existing Elastic Beanstalk deployment to update