How To Set Up Azure Cloud Shell For The First Time

If you want to be able to manage your Azure resources from the command line, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a command shell built right in. Azure Cloud Shell gives you the ability to use your favourite shell, either Bash or PowerShell, to manage your Azure resources. Before you can use it for the first time, however, you will need to spend a few minutes setting it up.

In this video, David will walk you through the relatively simple task of setting up Azure Cloud Shell so that you can begin managing your resources from your favourite shell.

Prerequisites include: Microsoft Azure subscription

in order to use the Azure cloud, shell for the first time you'll need to perform a couple of steps first select the cloud Shell icon at the top and you'll need to pick which cloud shell. You want whether you're going to use bash or PowerShell on this case, we're going to use PowerShell. Now we don't have any storage mounted, so we'll click on the show advanced settings, so we can create ourselves a storage account. Pick the W US region. And the techsnips Demo Resource Group and will give it a name now in this case will call it TS cloudshare storage now note. These have to be in lower case and numbers only you can't use uppercase or special characters and will create our file share to be TSCS file share an click create storage and will give that a moment to finish creating an there are storage has been created and we're just waiting for our account to be initialized for the cloud shell. And the Azure cloud, shell is ready for use. Let's just give it a quick test here. I'll just do a get Azure. RM Resource Group and will make it nice and neat him will do a select object. and will just pick. The resource group name and the location and there, we go Azure cloud Shell is working and we were able to get a list of our resource groups and that's all there is to it. Thanks for watching.