How To Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication For Office 365 Users

Nowadays just using a password to secure your account isn’t enough. Luckily, Office 365 has multi-factor authentication that allows us to associate our mobile device with the account. In this video, Matt shows us how to ensure we get a notification on our phone when we’re authenticating to Office 365.

In this step. I'm going to show you how to enable multi factor authentication in Office 365. Open up the Office 365 Admin Center. Click on settings in the sidebar. Then click on services and addons. And the top of the list. You'll see azure multi factor authentication so you need to click on that. Click on manage multi factor authentication and this will take you to a new page, which is actually Active Directory within Windows Azure. So he can update in bulk. I list of different users using a CSV file. But, which skin to enable multifactor authentication for single user in this case myself. So for such and tick, the box next to the user and then click enable. Before enabling multifactor authentication for your organization be sure to read the deployment guide. Multi factor authentication is now been enabled for that account. So click on close. And in fact, there are additional settings that can be enabled for the organization as a whole. So you can allow users to create and passwords to sign into non browser apps. So typically this would be older versions of Microsoft Office on desktop if everybody in the organization is using the latest version of office pro plus that comes with Office 365, then you will not need to enable app. Passwords can also allow users to remember the authentication on devices that they trust so go ahead and enable that. And then save. And then close. Some next step is to sign out and then to sign in again to show you what will happen when your user sign in once they've had their account enabled for multi factor authentication. So the login page. You can see. Now slightly different and reads your admin has required that you set up this account for additional security verification. So let's go ahead and set that up now. I'm going to change this to use an authenticator app on my mobile phone. And I'm going to click the receive notifications for verification. And then click setup. So if this is your chosen method of verification make sure that you've installed the Microsoft authenticator app on your mobile phone. In the Apple and unconscious work or school account and then scan the QR code. I’ve obscured. This kind science, not a code that you can scan. And there is an additional weights there as well, entering a code in a particular URL. Then since have done that just click next and the system will go through the process of setting the app. So verify that I can reach you on the device. So verification was successful and can move on to the next step. And in case you lose access to the mobile app. You can choose to water out a phone verification to your account. And as I mentioned earlier any applications, which are not aware of the new modern authentication methods will require an app password to authenticate instead of your usual Office 365 password. So this is my app password, but it won't be for long. They should be deleting this. So click on finish never take it back to the Admin Center. If you click on my account you can then go to the security and privacy and manage your settings. Cyclic an additional security verification and choked up there your phone numbers useful account security or create and manage your Apple passwords. Then I shall be deleting the password. But her deleted and we're done. Thank you for watching.