How To Start A Veeam Backup And Replication PowerShell Session

Josh King, the Veeam guru is back with another ship. This time he’s decided to match up PowerShell with Veeam. I thought he did that already with Hyper-V?

In this snip, we going to look at starting a Veeamm powershell session. Within your backup and replication console hit up to the menu. Then console. And then choose powershell. This starts a powershell session with the Veeam snapin already loaded. Alternatively, you can run powershell as an administrator. And manually add the snap in by running add PS snap in and specifying Veaam PS Snap in. If you don't see any error messages. That means that the snap in his loaded correctly regardless of how you got to your powerShell session with the Veaan snap in added the first thing you need to do is to connect to your backup and replication server. And to do that, you can run connect. VBR server, then you specify the server. Which could be by name or IP address you can specify a username and password though? Do note that this password would be in plain text. So it is much more advisable to create a credential object, and pass that to the credential parameter do. Be aware that if you're running this powershell session on the server on which Veeam backup and replication is installed, and the user. You currently running the session as his rights to backup and replication. You can simply run connect VBR server and get your connection up and running. That's been starting Veeam powershell session. Thank you for watching.