How To Submit A Pull Request Across Forks In GitHub

In this video, we will cover how to fork a repository, add your contributions, then submit a pull request across accounts.

this snap will discuss how to submit pull requests across Forks in GitHub. For starters, we first need to fork a repository. I've forked techsnips, Snip Scripts repository into my own repository. Once we have our own fork will of course need to make a contribution. So I've updated our readme file. Now we're ready to create our pull request. I'll go to the pull requests tab. And select new pull request. Here, I can choose a Base Fork. This is where I want to merge my changes into while choose Snip Scripts Master Branch. Then, for my head fork, I will choose my own repository. The McDonald BM Snip Scripts Repository and I'll use my master branch as well. In case I had made any other changes you may need to change the base branch on either repository. Because I've simply made a change to the read me. These are able to merge automatically we can go and look at the edit that I've made if needed. When ready you click create pull request. And leave a comment about your update once commented will just hit create pull request. Once we've created our pull request. We can leave a comment to the maintainer of the branch in order to have them merge the commits. Can leave your comment or if you'd like to cancel your pull request you can hit close pull request thanks for watching.