How To Transfer Active Directory FSMO Roles With PowerShell

One of the tasks you may need to perform with the Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) roles is the need to move them to another domain controller in your Active Directory environment. While you can use the graphical tools to move the five roles, it would take three different utilities and the registration of the Schema Management DLL to perform this task. PowerShell allows you to move one or all of these roles with a single, albeit very long command. In this video, David will demonstrate the use of the Move-ADDirectoryServerOperationMasterRole cmdlet to move the FSMO roles to another server using both named roles and numbered roles. Prerequisites include: Windows PowerShell 5.1 Active Directory PowerShell Module
Now, this example, we're going to move our infrastructure, Master and rid master. Let's just take a quick look to see it with their current location is as you can see, those currently reside on prod DC now in order to move those were going to use? What is possibly one of the record holders for longest commandlet names move ADDirectoryServerOperationMasterRole and use the operation master role parameter. We're going to specify the infrastructure master and rid master by name now you can specify those by number. But I prefer to use the name so I don't inadvertently move the wrong role am will specify prod. DC two's where we want to move those rules to an will see yes to all. And then we'll just do a quick check once again to make sure that they got moved to the right place. And there, we are our infrastructure, mastering rid master are now on prod DC 02 and that's all there is to it. Thanks for watching.