How To Update PowerShell Help On A Microsoft Windows Server With No Internet Access

Some servers simply cannot be allowed access to the internet, either because they’re only allowed through the corporate firewall or they’re physically air gapped from the outside world.

Let’s assume you have an air gapped server, but you find yourself needing to write, or debug, some PowerShell scripts directly on it. One of the most important PowerShell resources is the built in help system, but how the heck do you update those help files without the internet?

In this snip, Josh will demonstrate using your workstation to download and save updatable help files for PowerShell, and “sneakernet” then on USB to an air gapped server in order to update your offline server.

Prerequisites include: A server or workstation with internet access A workstation with no, or limited, internet access A USB key, to “sneakernet” files between server and workstation

update your powershell help on an offline server start by grabbing the list of installed modules from that server and exporting it to an XML file will be able to import this on our workstation. We will be saving the help files you can skip this step. If you're going to be using a server with the same installed modules to save the files. But as we're using a workstation. It's best to click. This list with an XML file and hand we can now import that on our workstation. And using that imported list of modules, we can go ahead and save our help files back onto our USB key. This a work away and download the help for each of those modules that were installed on our offline server. You may receive error messages for some modules. Whoever you'd also receive these if you were doing the update on an online server as well. So armed with our offline help files will head back over to our server, and get them updated. Alright I'm back over on my offline server as you can see we've got a USB key full with offline files. So let's go ahead and update and will point the source path at that folder on my USB key note that my powerShell session here is an administrative position and that's because we're updating the help for some system modules, which require elevated access and apart from unexpected error 2. We have now successfully updated the help for our powershell modules on an offline server. Thank you for watching.