How to use Google Web Fonts on an HTML webpage

Prerequisites include: A code Editor An active Internet Connection
Hello this is Shahzaib Kamal and in this video. We will learn how we can use Google fonts in our website, so for the first thing we need to open the fonts a and we need to choose any font or any font. We'd like from here, we can choose that one. Any font you like you can apply for example, I'm going to do Laila. This font, so first of all we need to click on the plus sign and after the plus sign you can see a dialog box came here click on it now, you will see a few things like you will have the option to customize it here in a customize option. You can choose the font weight or some different languages supported languages, but You do not need to do that. We're going here to the embed option. You can choose 2 options. The import one or the standard one with the standard one you simply need to copy this link link hyper reference fonts dot and the some sheets here. You need to aplly. This copy that and I'm going to the code and here I need to apply it inside the head here save it now, I just need to apply this font font. Family Laila so I'm going there back an I need to copy. This you can see that here. It is written that it specify in CSS so I'm copying this font family, Laila and I'm going there back and I need to open the is style tag like this one and inside that I'm I'm asking for the P tag that P tag, which I just made an inside the P I'm just applying the. Laila know save it now, I'm going back to the browser and he I’m refreshing the page now. You can see that the font style is now updated.