How To Use Graphviz With Terraform To Visualize Your Infrastructure

Terraform enables you to create, change and improve infrastructure reliably and predictably, it’s open source and lets you create declarative configuration files that can be treated as code. (Infrastructure As Code). In this video, Nick will take you through the steps required to visualise your infrastructure prior to applying it within Azure. Writing infrastructure as code is great and the recommended path, but how many times have you thought, ‘I would like to visualise this, see what my configuration looks like’? Terraform comes with this functionality built in, using Graphviz (you need to install this) and the terraform ‘graph’ command you will generate a SVG format file to view your infrastructure. A great artefact to store with your code !

Prerequisites include: Install graphviz - Add graphviz to your path C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin Azure Subscription Terraform installed