How to use the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer to create a Shared Access Signature

A shared access signature (SAS) is a mechanism within Microsoft Azure Storage Accounts that allow you to grant limited access to the items held within that storage account. Using shared access signatures allows you to grant access to other people without giving that person full access to your storage item or storage account.

The Azure Storage Explorer tool is a client-side tool that allows you to upload, download and manage your storage that is stored within Azure.

In this snip, we will take you through the process of creating a shared access signature using the Azure Storage Explorer tool.

Prerequisites include: You need access to an Azure Subscription You need to have an Azure Storage Account You need to have the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer tool installed

Hello in this video today, I'm going to show you how to create a shared access signature using the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. Here I am logged into the Azure Storage Explorer Console. Which has given me access to the 2 storage accounts that I have within my Azure subscription. In this example today? I'm going to create what's called an account shared access signature and that will give someone or a resource access to all the various different bits within my storage account. So, in order to do that. We need to right click onto a storage account. This will bring up a menu option and we need to select get shared access signature. This will launch a console that gives us some control over what our shared access signature looks like we have a start time and expire the team team zone. A permissions table, a services table. And allowed resource. types table in this example. I'm going to keep this shared access signature to be valid for a month. So I changed the date accordingly and leave the time zone appropriately. I'm going to leave the permission set to Reading List and I'm going to leave the services selected to all. As this is an account shared access signature. I'm also going to leave the resource types all ticked as well. We then click create and we are given. The connection string and the query string for the shared access signature. We can now take this connection string and query string and provide it to the person or the resource that now needs access to their storage account. Thank you for taking the time to watch this tutorial.