Installing The Pester PowerShell Module

If Pester is the unit-testing framework for PowerShell then James Arruda knows a thing or two about it. Using his knowledge gathered from the Pester Book, James is here to show us the very first step in using Pester by showing us how to install it from the PowerShell Gallery.

Hello everyone Welcome to techsnips today, we're going to show you how to install the pester powershell module. First thing we're going to do is go to the powershell gallery using find module. Let's see what we got out there. There right we have version 431, so let's quickly look at what version we have installed on our machine. Was that out by me and the old versions before also yeah? What's up data. So, we go back to our find module. We've been earlier and we're going to piped it over to install. What's going to happen here is we're going to get an error is? When we get an error is because the pestor cat file that Windows is looking for is actually located in the version 340 in the version 341 that we're trying to bring down is not catalog side and of course, not, signed by Microsoft. So it gives us that warning so one way to get around that as we skip publisher check. You may may not also need to use dash force button on this example. I don't have to do that. It is and there, we go, we pulled down and let me go. So now if we get module once again and there, we are, we have version 431. You have to worry about having to diversions. The any capacitor commands that you use will actually come from the 431 version and I'll last step is now to import all module Esther this time, we will use dash force. Area. So now if I go ahead and try to invoke pester it'll tab complete and we now have our command. They'll conclude this step. Please stay tuned for more from techsnips. Thank you for watching.